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No doubt lead an active life has countless benefits for our physical and mental health. In this website, we"ll show some of these advantages and some tips to improve your wellbeing.

The first thing to address is what we mean by active life. Physical activity is an activity that mobilizes the different parts of the body and activates the muscles, the circulatory system, and skeleton. We do this with a character of continuity.

We talk about actions that can be part of our daily routine such as walking, playing with a ball in hand, any sport (adapted or not), etc.

Consequences to our health

The effects of lack of activity are manifold.Obesity, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, constipation, etc. are some of the well-known results of a sedentary lifestyle.

In people with difficulty moving his or her body the consequences can be even more significant. If we have physical complications that keep us from full mobility, we will have more problems if we not exert effort to move.

Prevention and benefits

It is essential to know the benefits of the practice of sport or physical activity adapted to our life circumstances.

Since at the young age we always hear the importance of active lifestyle. We shouldn’t disregard it, both in childhood and in old age. We always talk about the physical benefits it gives us, its psychological benefits are also significant.

Those who were not born athletes should strive to be active daily. A healthy lifestyle is always within the possibilities such as walking when circumstances allow us. Exercise, play games, or any activities that enable us to use our bodies.

If we can play a sport adapted to our circumstances, we exercise our body. Our muscles will work which will increase our flexibility and strength. Our quality of life will improve significantly. We will become more independent and able to handle our body and our time.

Primary considerations

Before starting a sports activity, physical restrictions should be taken into account. Several aspects established under professional criteria such as:

It must be raised from the individuality and based on disability.

The objectives of the exercise should benefit both physical and psychological health.

Health professionals should supervise and support the implementation of physical fitness programs.

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