How Can Orthodontists In Augusta Straighten Your Teeth?

If you have a poor bite, braces or other orthodontics can straighten your teeth. The brackets and braces are used to correct the “poor bite" or malocclusion (crowded or crooked teeth). There are cases where the teeth are straight, but the upper and lower jaw don"t properly fit. These jaw or teeth alignment problems may be inherited or may be a result of injury, early, or late the tooth loss or thumb sucking.

To correct the problem, it is important to visit an orthodontist in Augusta. If a poor bite is not corrected, other oral health problems could arise.

  • Dental Caries
  • Gum Disease
  • Tooth loss
  • Mastication and speech impediment
  • Abnormal wear of tooth enamel
  • Jawbone problems

Different treatments

There are different ways to straighten teeth. The type of treatment an orthodontist will use depends on your preferences and options you propose to your orthodontist. Traditional braces realign teeth by applying pressure. Usually, it is small brackets attached to the teeth, connected by a wire, which dentist or orthodontist periodically tightened to gradually move the teeth and jaw. They are usually made of metal. Sometimes they are placed behind the teeth. Removable aligners are another option for treating dental problems.

Since the poor bite appears between 6 and 12 years of age, the orthodontic treatment often begins between 8 and 14 years. Treatment while the child is growing, contributes to better results. However, adults still can have brackets; healthy teeth may undergo dental treatment at any age.

Treatment plans vary depending on the case, but most treatment ranges from one to three years. After removing the brackets, use a retainer to keep the teeth in their new position. Current brackets are more comfortable than ever. New materials apply a smooth, constant force to move teeth and usually require fewer adjustments.

As long as brackets are in place, follow a healthy diet. Of course. Eating sugary foods can cause plaque to accumulate around the brackets, which can stain or permanently damage your teeth. Don"t eat foods like popcorn, corn cobs, gum, whole apples and other sticky foods. Ask your dentist for foods to avoid while undergoing treatment.

Not everybody is born with beautiful smiles, but with good oral hygiene routine and a little help from an orthodontist in Augusta, everyone can have a beautiful and healthy smile.

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